Guiding Expatriates in China and South Korea  to Achieve Financial Independence. 


I work with expatriate clients based in Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and South Korea.

I am expert in the creation of strategic and tactical, highly personalised financial plans.

My Clients Are:

Captains in China & South Korea

We all know about Captains’ busy schedule, that’s why many struggle to achieve long-term financial goals, such as saving up for their children’s college degree, or buying real estate. With senior pilots in China making up to $350 000 per year, working 3-4 days per week, what I am usually able to offer them is a unique offshore investment strategy.

Automotive Professionals 

A significant proportion of my clients in China and Korea work for automotive or related companies. It is a great industry to be in and one that is in need of the best professionals. My field of work allows me to help you optimise your earnings here and enable you to create lucrative short and long term financial strategies. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you wish to find out more about how you can benefit.