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Phil is a Financial Adviser with The deVere Group. It is the World’s largest independent Financial Consultancy and some 10 times larger then the second placed organisation.

He is able to give expert, impartial financial advice on international savings, personal portfolio bonds, life assurance, pensions, as well as structured products, to expatriate clients and international investors in China. Phil commits to helping clients create value and wealth by suggesting the right financial products that best suit their needs.

Providing a flexible solution is important to Phil. Whether you are a high net worth individual looking to invest large lump sum, or a regular monthly saver with a more modest savings goal in mind; Phil is extremely confident that products  he can introduce represent a competitive and compelling proposition to clients and would be happy to discuss the finer details on request. This is best done in a meeting or organised telephone call.

deVere is the sole Off-Shore Financial Services company doing business in China that also  holds an SEC license enabling US Nationals to create International Pension Plans.

The company has over $10 billion of funds under advice and management created by 80,000 + active clients in over 100 different countries around the world. The deVere Group is represented by 400 professional Financial Consultants in over 50 offices globally.




Previously…… ( OK  – it’s a bio )

Phil  jumped at the chance to make Shanghai his home over a year and a half ago. His first business trip to China was in 1996 and his career has involved multiple visits per year ever since.

His early career saw him undertake roles with NatWest Bank, Marks & Spencer and Nestlé. He went on to become a significant contributor to the growth of a personal computer company whose legacy lives on here in China in the form of TCL. Subsequently he started and sold several companies prior to moving into the personal financial advisory industry  which he  thoroughly enjoys.


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