Aviation Professionals

Specialising in the needs of the aviation professional in China, Taiwan, Korea and Macau

Private off-shore bank accounts are available due to the integration of both a private and investment bank into the company with which I work for.

I have written a short document summarising the kinds of considerations and opportunities available whilst working here in China

Be aware that no accounts or investments are ever held in China due to the instability and unpredictability!

Please see the detailed PDF

A Guide for Captains Working in China

Giving you access to the largest array of financial products available globally

Being fully independent means that advice is holistic and any proposed product solutions would not be restricted to a particular company’s offerings

Just like a made-to-measure suit, and just like walking into the largest financial wholesalers shop,

Phil will help guide you to the best suited and most pertinent solutions for you.

Diversity and customisation are key. There is no ‘one size fits all’ !

The needs of aviation professionals are typically quite particular.

Please read or download the PDF from the link above and get in touch for an initial consultation.