Cryptocurrency Quant Fund

Quant details and free Ripple coins  (N.B. code for devere crypto , Vault and Investment App platform is 22980)

If you’ve thought about investing in cryptocurrency but found it too complicated or too time consuming or a combination of both

– then there are a couple of options open to you that you may not be aware of;

a crytocurrency quant fund and downloading a mobile app can give you the added benefit of free Ripple coins.

To expand on the easy to use App that enables rapid and easy trading from your mobile phone;

A safe, secure App linked to Kraken.

Founded in 2011, San Francisco-based Kraken is the largest Bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity and also trading –

US dollars, British pounds and Japanese yen. Kraken is consistently rated the best and most secure Bitcoin exchange by independent news media.

Kraken is trusted by hundreds of thousands of traders,

the Tokyo government’s court-appointed trustee, and Germany’s BaFin regulated Fidor Bank.  Click here for more info.

One major benefit is that you can easily trade back and forth between your chosen major cryptocurrencies and cash.

Coupled with a mobile banking App called Vault – you can easily move from bank debit card to the platform to buy currency.

You can also move back into cash quickly and immediately go to the ATM to withdraw your profits in cash – where ever you are in the world!

Here are the download links for both Android & Apple;

Very important – when prompted to enter a code  – use 22980

– this means you will benefit from periodic free offers and promotions.

Right  – now – if you download the App and enter the code 22980

– complete the easy and straight forward sign-up process

– then fund your App with a minimum of €50 or equivalent

Your account will be credited with 10 free Ripple coins – over time (no one knows how long!) these could be worth an incredible amount of money.

Refer friends and get 10 free coins for each one that completes the process!

Do it now because this offer will end very soon;

Crypto App

IPHONE: itunes – Crypto App

ANDROID: Google Play Store – Crypto App

Vault– a mobile banking App with physical Mastercard

IPHONE: itunes – Vault E Money – mobile bank

ANDROID: Google Play Store – Vault E Money – mobile bank

Now, for those that don’t necessarily want direct exposure to individual currencies…..

But do want exposure to the market and want to benefit from both the rise and fall of a range of different currencies without having to watch every minute and hour – 24 hours a day…..

And a reasonable liquid net worth available to invest in a fully managed, computer traded fund – you need to invest in a cryptocurrency ‘quant’ fund.

For full details please see Crypto Quant Fund Details this is a fascinating full prospectus.

To purchase a position in the fund you could use the Investment App below;

Investment Platform

IPHONE: itunes – Investment App

ANDROID: Google Play Store – Investment App


However if you require or think you may benefit from holding your investment within a platform that offers you both capital gains and potentially income tax protection then you should get in contact with me  – Phil!

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