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Phil is a Specialist Financial Planner who works with Expatriate Professionals living globally. His expertise extends to intimate knowledge of the UK & Swiss pensions industry and the particular needs of Expatriate Professionals. He counts Italians, Spanish, Belgians, Norwegians, Swedes and Americans plus others and of course fellow Brits! amongst his slowly but surely growing client base.

He harnesses the network of a large group to allow him access to all of the best potential solution providers around the globe today.

He is a UK qualified Independent Financial Advisor  – that means Client focused planning and he’s not about pushing any particular product or service. Neither are you bound to him or the company he works with  – for the rest of your life! All solutions are fully flexible and portable.

Part of a comprehensive plan may involve the introduction of international savings & investment plans, tax efficient investment platforms, life assurance, pensions consolidation, as well as best-in-class structured return products, to expatriate clients and international investors.

Phil commits to helping clients create value and wealth by suggesting the right financial products that best suit your unique needs.

Providing a flexible solution is important to Phil. Whether you are a high net worth individual looking to invest large lump sum, or a regular monthly saver with a more modest savings goal in mind; Phil is extremely confident that the solutions  he could introduce represent a competitive and compelling proposition to clients and would be happy to discuss the finer details on request upon learning more about your personal situation and future goals.

This is best done in a meeting or organised telephone or video call.

Previously…… ( OK  – it’s a bio )

Phil  established himself as a leading Advisor in Asia after having made Shanghai his home for 5 years (2016- 20 )


His early career saw him undertake roles with NatWest Bank, Marks & Spencer and Nestlé.

He went on to become a significant contributor to the growth of a personal computer company whose legacy lives on  in China in the form of TCL – a large consumer electronics conglomerate.

Subsequently he started and sold several companies prior to moving into the personal financial advisory industry after becoming increasing involved in the wealth management of the family office of his previous boss who became an UHNW individual upon the sale of the computer company.

He thoroughly enjoys and gets satisfaction from assisting others and would very much appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

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