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What Investment Strategies Are Being Used By People With Trillions of Dollar Are Buying During Covid-19

Hotels, pipelines, convenience stores and automaker bonds – are among the assets being bought by some of the world’s biggest asset managers as they look for value investment strategies in a world thrown into turmoil by the coronavirus pandemic. These folk need to (and can afford to take a long-term view) on the their decisions. […]

Trade War -The Art ‘of War’ – Not ‘The Deal’


I have come across this very interesting short article by an American Professor who teaches negotiation! He enlightened me as to the descriptive terms for the two types of bargaining being played out by perhaps the two largest geopolitical issues that intrinsically effect the stock markets. I’m talking about trade wars and Brexit The one […]

Don’t Fall Into the Past Performance Trap When Investing

New page from Phil with an article which should be everybody’s finance 101! Past performance is no guarantee of future results. That’s an often repeated phrase in investing. Investors, however, seem to be of a different mind. Basing your investment strategy on past performance (especially recent performance) can easily backfire. Annualised rates of return mask […]