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Give your accumulated benefits the attention it deserves by taking action now.

WARNING – this is not a scam!

In fact I became a Financial Advisor because I was  the victim of a pension scam in 2008.

25% of my UK pension was invested into a UK company registered as a PLC.

(More on this later)

Why are you receiving this email?

I believe you worked in the UK and therefore you are likely to have participated in a work related pension scheme

Now I am urging you to take action to secure and ring fence your money.

Protect your money for you and your loved ones.

Companies are failing all the time and occupational pension schemes are going bankrupt regularly

UK companies such as IAG, BT and BAE have huge pension scheme deficits.

On the 23rd of September 2019 Thomas Cook collapsed.

The Final Salary pension scheme went into a 12 – 24 month Pension Protection Fund Review without any warning, members funds are locked. Members stand to loose significant amounts of money.

BHS collapsed in April of 2016 with a deficit of £571 million ($ 786 million). It was put into liquidation at the end of 2016 after the Pension Protection Fund said that this would be best outcome for the failed pensions. More recently, the British airline Monarch also collapsed and Toys R Us was saved from falling into administration in 2017 after a deal with the PPF.

See the full story here;

The biggest recent collapse in the UK has been Carillion PLC £500m of unfunded pension commitments

I want you to give your benefits and your future the attention it deserves and respond to this message and commit to investing 10 – 15 minutes to meet me initially by telephone conversation.

My time is also precious  – so I will commit to help you if you can commit to putting the 10-15 minutes in your schedule or calendar.

Take Action Now!

Here’s what I am suggesting you do;

First of all I am suggesting you allow my to give your pension a full health check

If you don’t know whether you have one – or have lost touch with an old employer’s scheme – then I can help you trace it.

The second stage is to evaluate it and potentially protect it

How do I protect it?

Move it so that it is under your control

You can create a private and personal pension account and can have complete control over how and where your money is invested.

The objective being that using your money and investing it in safe and secure, respected & regulated multi-asset funds and fixed return products from respected and well-known names such as Blackrock & Vanguard.

Give your money the chance to grow steadily and securely.

If you have what’s known as a Final Salary Scheme and you are concerned that you might be losing a secure income for life then it’s important to read the next few lines.

This is one of the biggest pension scams in existence!

Why? –

Firstly  – your employer or your occupational pension scheme is forced to invest in very poor performing investments, typically they are forced to invest heavily in Government bonds.

We know that interest rates are at historic lows

This impacts Government Bonds and their associated returns

It also contributes to record values being offered by Final Salary (Defined Benefit Schemes)


The Scheme has to forecast the size of the pot required to purchase your annuity at the time of your retirement

  • If it can only grow at historically low amounts then it’s going to need a much greater cash amount to create the required pot.

The Scheme usually have a very cosy agreement with a Life Company to purchase the annuity that creates your income for life.

If you are in a position of being able to go out to the market and shop around for an annuity (if that’s what you want) you can get a better deal.

By putting yourself in this position, you have all the control and power and can negotiate much better terms.

You don’t have to buy a lifetime annuity either – you could use part of your growing pot to purchase a fixed term annuity for say 5 years and then go out to market again and secure even better terms!

The trend is that companies and occupational schemes are actually keen to see you go!

They see the promise to pay your pension as a significant liability and burden.

To incentivise you to take control of your pot, schemes are offering RECORD HIGH VALUES.

If you understand what I am trying to communicate and understand the importance – take some positive action today and get in touch by clicking here to go to my contact page

I am a Financial Advisor working with a large international company that purchased two private banks and as such as one of the largest safes in China and highest levels of data protection.

I am a UK qualified Pension Adviser

Give this the attention it deserves. Take advantage of my skill and knowledge.

If you want to know why you should take action now rather than waiting, read on…………

Brexit has caused one thing ….. uncertainty !

Pension mobility is something that was forced on the UK Government by the EU

For many years expats were given the opportunity to transfer their accumulated pension pots out not only into private pension but also outside of the UK and the HMRC’s clutches.

Expats did this in droves!

20,100 Expats created QROPS in the 2014/15 tax year and values  hit an all-time high of, with a total value of £1.76bn

9,700 Expats with pensions worth £1.22bn created QROPS pensions in 2016/17 – according to HM Revenue & Customs data.

On March 9th March 2017, the Chancellor Philip Hammond effectively put a stop to this for those outside the EU by slapping a 25% tax on money going into a QROPS

The current UK Government rhetoric is “don’t move your money!”

This is then echoed by the FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority)

They have to say this to protect the masses!

The blue collared, Sun reading, bacon butty eating, factory worker is deemed to need protecting!

And may be they do – but if you’re reading this, it’s extremely likely – in fact certain, that you got off your butt and created economic opportunity for yourself by traveling and working overseas or have achieved good things in the UK.

It’s likely that you have some, or even a sophisticated understanding and experience of the world of investing.

You should not fear exercising some control of your assets

You should take action now because the UK could change current freedom without warning now that Brexit is settled.

Brexit means that the UK has the opportunity to take control over many decisions, including pensions freedoms, once more.

Both political parties see hard earned pension pots as fair game in terms of increasing taxation on them – in fact Mr Sunak as already made moves towards the lifetime allowance effectively sqeezing more tax out of pensioners over time.

The Government may put a stop to movements and they may seek to increase punitive taxes on the wealth of Expats.

What now?

Moving and protecting your accumulated benefit and create a SIPP – a Self Invested Personal Pension or a QROPS –  is the solution that makes perfect sense for an  expat.

It protects the current accumulated value

It allows you to get your fund invested in high quality funds generating year on year respectable returns.

(at just 7% returns per annum your pot will double in just 10 years)

An International SIPP is convertible to a QROPS if you retire to the EU giving you tax advantages.

Protect Your Family’s Future

I will be frank here just for a moment (actually I’m Phil but bear with me a moment!)

We know two things are certain and they are death and taxes

If death becomes us, your current final salary terms may mean that your Spouse receives a 50% annuity payment.

If your Wife is in excess of 10 years younger than you  – she may not be able to receive this  – or at best it will be a much reduced amount.

If you have other loved ones that you would wish your unused benefits to go to then tuff luck!

You die, the pension company wins big

No one you care about will get anything. Zip. Nada, knowt!

This situation is completely reversed when your pot is in a SIPP

100% of your cash pot is available to distribute to your loved ones and heirs exactly as you wish.

Surely if you have remained adamant that you are not taking action until this point  – you have now changed your mind!

Good  – please now get in touch with me!

Here’s what I propose …………………..

We have a brief introductory conversation on the phone, professional to professional

We decide on the initial course of action

You give me one signature per pension scheme you know you have or think you may have!

I then get started with the work understand and research on your behalf the current scheme’s health and any current value.

We then have a meeting to allow me to present my finding and report in full.

You give me the opportunity to put forward a best and optimal strategy for your personal situation.

What’s the catch?

The ‘catch’ is there is no ‘catch’!

I perform the initial part of this service on a complementary basis

I will present an optimal solution to you, putting your needs at the centre of my proposal.

If you choose to go with my solution I will receive a share of the marketing & distribution budget from that SIPP provider.

If you choose not to go with the solution that I propose – then that is fine.

We part by shaking hands and consummate professionals and you are free to seeking alternative solutions or indeed take no action.

This is what I do and how I make my living.

As per my comment at the beginning, I was the victim of a pension scam in 2008.

Green Leaf Global PLC

I wasn’t able to fire the Financial Advisor that thought the idea of investing 25% of my pension into a bio diesel company with alleged assets in Africa offering guaranteed returns – backed by Lloyds of London, was a good idea!

He disappeared, never to be heard of again claiming he was selling his practice to sell real estate in Turkey.

I met the Directors of Greenleaf Global face-to-face at one of their no-expense spared investor open days held at Twickenham Rugby Ground in London. I remember smelling a rat when I saw a video being played of earthmoving equipment breaking ground at the event when I had been told that trees were already established and due to yield their first harvest within the next month, furthermore that one of the Directors had visited the land in Africa just a week or so before. “Why wasn’t there more recent video?” I asked. I recall being immediately ushered to the side and verbally massaged and pacified.

This was a real wake-up call for me

A quarter of the fund I had worked so hard for  – stolen.

I not only took control of my pension, I made looking after other people’s pension my vocation.

I set about becoming a Financial Adviser and now have the opportunity to live and work in the vibrant city of Shanghai, China. China is a country I love having first visited in 1997.

I also love what I do because I truly believe and know  that I am helping people.

I am confident of the advice and consultation I am providing and in the product range that I have access to.

I also have the backing of a truly global organisation and a world class administration support team.

If something happens to me – you can be rest assured that you will continue to be supported for your lifetime.

I am certain of one thing and that is that you are busy. That’s why I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this far!

Being busy is perhaps some of the reason why you haven’t been able to devote time to this already.


Take this opportunity to take me up on this offer!

Get organised and don’t bury this issue of your future financial support under the bed any longer!

I am looking forward to meeting you.

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