This can mean many things! There are many ‘instruments’ available to enable a private individual to invest in the international markets. There are almost as many strategies!

Some people will take an interest in the most adventurous category of investments – equities – categorised as high risk and return  – current ‘golden children’ such as Apple, Facebook and  Tencent (The company behind WeChat) are stalwart examples.

There many types of investments; stocks – (aka equities) all the way to the other end of the risk spectrum – government issued bonds or gilts.

Warren Buffet is credited with the following;

“it’s not timing the market, it’s time in the market”

That is to say  – even the most experienced, time served experts and fund managers find it difficult to make consistently high returns by trying to trade individual equities.

Established wisdom decrees that you should regularly invest at least a level amount over a  period of time in collective investments to succeed.

For 30 points extracted from Sleth Klarman’s book Margin of Safety  – download it by clicking this link;  30-Ideas-from-Margin-of-Safety_PM_QR

This doesn’t take to too long to read and you benefit from an expert’s knowledge built-up from over a lifetime’s experience!