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Your hard earned money needs to be invested wisely and securely in the most tax efficient way.

Investing Preamble

Harry Markowitz, known as the father of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1990 for a theory he developed in the early 1950’s which looked at the allocation of wealth to risky financial assets.

There are two fundamental elements of risk namely, systematic and unsystematic. 

We can’t diversify away from Systematic risk as such as include factors such  as government policy, business cycles  and changes in interest rates. We can reduce their potentially negative effects through the use of risk free assets.

Unsystematic risk is also known as specific risk, diversifiable risk, avoidable and non-market risk and is due to factors that affect particular stocks but not the whole market. This can be mitigated by selecting stocks with different behavioural patterns to that of the broad market, or Betas. 

With risk of going into too much detail, potentially only of interest to insomniacs the reason why you should get in touch is so that the investment you make and continue to make over the years is professionally managed so that you don’t have to hug your laptop continuously!

Whether your money is held in a pension or directly held lump sum it is wise to have a professional management.

Invariably the type of account structure  that is selected to house your money can make a big difference to it’s ultimate performance and growth levels.

For instance, in Portugal some European jurisdictions are blacklisted and can carry hefty tax rates upon taking withdrawals.

Tax planning is key. Planning by its nature is done in advance. Therefore it’s highly valuable to get in touch sooner rather than later.

The most suitable strategy may be a solution that is deemed to need professional advice by the European regulatory body and not simply downloadable from the web.

Financial Advice is not someone telling you what to do with your money! – we all hate that!

Reach out and you’ll find a refreshing, Client first approach and the beginning of a long and trusted relatinship.


Qualified and licensed to provide indemnified financial advice

 Specialist Financial Planning for Expatriate Professionals living in Portugal and most of the rest of the world. 

Cross-border advice focused on the  particular needs of Expatriate Professionals. Clients include Belgians, Norwegians, Swedes, Italians, Americans and of course fellow Brits! 

Working with a highly regarded Advisory company so as to allow him access the best of breed offshore solution providers that operate around the world.

UK  and EU qualified Independent Financial Advisor  – that means Client focused planning not ‘pushing’ any particular product or service. Neither are you bound to the individual or the company – for the rest of your life! 

All solutions are fully flexible and portable – not the case with many ‘high street’ names.

Part of a comprehensive plan may involve the introduction of international  investment plans, tax efficient investment platforms, life assurance & pension consolidation.



Proven commercial fiscal responsibility for in excess of 25 years.

Qualified through the CISI (Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments) UK Level IV (EU Level V) – with specialism in Financial Planning & Advice

Lived and worked in the UK, USA, Switzerland, China and Portugal

Early career roles with NatWest Bank, Marks & Spencer and Nestlé.

Became a significant contributor to the growth of a personal computer company whose legacy lives on  in China in the form of TCL – a large consumer electronics conglomerate.

Subsequently he started and sold several companies prior to moving into the personal financial advisory industry after becoming increasingly aware that his own Financial Advisors in the UK did not have his best interests at heart and undertook to learn more about the industry himself. This is now a permanent vocation.

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