IRISH Pensions

Irish Pensions  – Why Consider IORPS?

As members of the EU, Ireland enjoys many benefits. The foundation of many of these benefits comes from the 4 freedoms of the EU. These include freedom of movement of good, capital, services and labour.

 These freedoms underpin the right of EU citizens to move their pension benefits to different jurisdictions within the EU. 

The EU directive IORPS II covers the legislation which allows EU citizens to move pensions within different EU jurisdictions.  

This legislation is protected through Irish and EU law and has even been tested in the courts.

This provides a very attractive option for people who have worked hard and built-up pensions of significant value in Ireland.

Some of the benefits of moving your pension within IORPS II include:

Larger Tax Free Lump Sum

When you retire with your pension in Ireland, you have the option of taking 25% of the value of your fund as a lump sum. The first €200,000 of this will be tax free. The excess between €200,000 and €500,000 will be taxed at 20%. Anything in excess of €500,000 will be taxed at 40%.

In contrast, if you use the IORPS II provision for you pension, you could take up to 30% tax free lump sum.

Earlier Access to Your Pension

In Ireland, most pension products will allow you access at age 50. However, in many cases, you will be forced to retire from your position at work in order to access your pension.

Through IORPS you can access your pension pot from age 50 and continue to work in your current job.

Standard Fund Threshold

If you exceed a pension pot of €2,000,000 you will face a 40% tax on the excess.

Through IORPS this €2,000,000 thresh-hold does not apply.

Capital Preservation & Inheritance

Depending on your age and size of your current pension fund, once you retire, you will be forced to withdraw between 4-6% of the value of your ARF each year. In many cases, this leads people to eat into their pension pots sooner than they would like.

Through IORPS there is no imputed distribution and you do not have to draw down any of your pot if you choose not to.

Death Benefit

If you pass away before your spouse in Ireland, your pension pot will transfer to them. If they wish to use it, they will face paying up to 40% in marginal rate income tax. This could obviously lead to you losing a large chunk of your pension pot in tax.

Through the IORPS, if you pass away before your spouse, the entirety of your pension pot will transfer to them tax-free.

Tax Savings & Additional Protection

In Ireland, drawdown of your pension will be taxed at source.

Through IORPS you are paid your drawdown gross – without tax and therefore tax can be payable at a more favourable rate in another country and without you having the administrative burden of trying to recover tax from The Revenue.

Protection from Creditors: (bankruptcy or business debt protection)

Creditors will not be able to pursue your pension pot through IORPS as they would an ARF in Ireland.

AMRFs etc. after January 1 2022

1. Abolished. The Irish State pension is now close to/over the €12700pa threshold so considered sufficient income to enable the AMRF to be scrubbed

2. The €12700/€63500  requirements no longer apply

3. The only income fund that now applies is the ARF. No minimum amount required

4. For DB scheme benefits there are NO changes to benefits ie lump sum and annuity ONLY

5. For DC schemes including Buy Out Bonds benefit options now are

  •  25% lump sum plus annuity OR
  •  100% annuity OR
  •  25% lump sum and then an ARF with the 4/5/6% income minimums OR
  •  25% lump sum and remaining fund as cash subject to Income tax

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