Do you know exactly what type of pension you have? How it is invested? And exactly how much you  are paying in total fees?

–  if you do, you are in the minority.

Certainly the UK pension landscape has continually evolved since the principle of providing funding for life after work was established by Lloyd George, the then Liberal Prime Minister who introduced the Old-Age Pensions Act in 1908.

A succession of governments of the last 50 years have become increasingly aware that they cannot provide completely for retirees and various pension frameworks have been developed, tweaked and even effectively disbanded in the last 20 years.



It’s important to take action and completely understand what you have in place and to be armed with answers to the question raised above. I can help you do that.

Secondly it may be important to look into the consolidation of several different pension funds or ‘pots’ that you have accumulated over your life to date.

Subsequently it is important to ensure that it is being optimised from an investment standpoint and a tax perspective, especially if you are considering leaving your home country and retiring in Europe.

I work with Clients to help take the necessary action and may also professionally manage a portfolio that generates your pension.